Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Zotrim - a Natural Weight-loss Aid

Zotrim is a unique ‘over-the-counter’ food supplement scientifically proven to be effective for:

• Effective weight loss.
• Weight loss management over a long period.
• Eating less at meals and snacking less between meals.
• Increased metabolic rate.

In comparison to other weight loss approaches, Zotrim:

• Has evidence of efficacy lacking in other natural slimming supplements.
• Has similar efficacy to leading diet and weight loss programmes.
• Has similar or better efficacy than prescription drugs without having their undesirable side effects.

Zotrim has a dual mode of action:

• A ‘Satiety Boost’ that helps users to eat less through feeling fuller during a meal and for longer after a meal.

• An ‘Energy Boost’ that helps users to be more active and to burn more calories.

It therefore addresses both sides of the ‘calorie balance’; less calories in and more calories out must lead to weight loss!

Zotrim is a convenient, easy to swallow tablet but the active ingredients in Zotrim are also available in a new soft drink called ‘Slenderize’ which aids fullness and contains only 35 kcals per 500ml bottle. A serving of Slenderize can be taken in place of one dose of Zotrim.

Heidi Lambeth has dropped Six Dress Sizes with Zotrim

A busy mum of two, Heidi gained weight gradually over a number of years due to large portion sizes and habitual snacking. To her horror, she soon found herself weighing 16st 4lb – massively overweight for her 5’ 8” frame.

Becoming increasingly fed up of derogatory comments and of feeling hot, sweaty and tired, Heidi was keen to find a solution that worked for her.

Knowing that she ate a generally healthy diet, just too much of it, Heidi wasn’t keen on going on a conventional diet. A friend suggested she try Zotrim, a herbal supplement that contains three South American herbs – Guarana, Yerba Mate and Damiana.

Zotrim was the perfect solution for Heidi as it works by increasing the feelings of fullness, meaning you feel fuller quicker and for longer, reducing portion sizes and the desire to snack between meals.

Heidi was able to carry on eating her favourite meals, but reduced the amount she ate and stopped snacking on the children’s leftovers and other ‘treats’. Heidi soon found she was dropping a dress size every couple of weeks, and soon reached her ideal weight of 11st 5lb.

Just as importantly, Heidi has passed on her good food habits to her whole family. Her husband has also lost weight due to decreased portion sizes and snacking and the family is much healthier in general.

Here is another Satisfied Customer's Story:

Sharon Briers

Starting weight: 13 stone
Current weight: 9 stone
Total weight loss: 4 stone

Always content with her slender figure, Sharon Briers had never had to worry about her weight before until she had a baby. Gaining over 4 stone during her pregnancy, Sharon’s clothes size rose from a slim size 10 to a heavy size 16, leaving her feeling self conscious about her appearance.

Determined to regain her former figure, Sharon believed the only way she could effectively lose weight was by following a strict low calorie low fat that cut out all her favourite foods.

However, no matter how hard she tried, the temptation to eat was hard to ignore: “I dreaded dieting. Food was such an important part of my life.”

After trying a variety of meal replacements and exercise regimes with little success, Sharon was almost ready to give up when she spotted Zotrim. For the first time, Sharon felt confident she could lose weight and that Zotrim was the answer she was looking for. Without radically changing her diet or exercise plan.

Months later, Sharon is the proud owner of a svelte size 10 figure and feels wonderful.

“Zotrim is simple to work into my busy life and highly effective at helping me eat less.”


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